Maatouk's MTV 'Men El Ekhir' Interview - 27/04/2011
Maatouk Factories Marketing Manager, Mrs Yusra Kanj Maatouk, was Pierre Rabbat’s guest in his top rated show Min El Ekhir on MTV. The discussion revolved around Maatouk’s new TV Commercial and the innovative and daring creative that Maatouk adopted in its communication with the audience in the region. Instead of being conventional, Maatouk promoted the theme of Obsession whereby a connoisseur does not accept to replace the Maatouk cup of coffee with just any other coffee while joyfully closing a successful deal over the phone in his office, he proceeds to mime the Maatouk coffee preparation and enjoys an imaginary ritual that eventually turns into reality and attracts all his colleagues into his office to share this special experience that stimulates the senses. The six anchors that attended the discussion liked the concept developed by Publicis Graphics Creative Director Mr. Walid Menassa, and they expressed that Maatouk has set a new trend whereby the mime for coffee making stands for the urgent need of a special cup of Maatouk’s Lebanese coffee

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