A pioneer in the region in adopting latest standards in refined mat packaging, this innovation  embraces a story and a passion for quality and change.

Maatouk Private Blend
Mahmoud Maatouk, ... a visionary who created the first premium Lebanese coffee
blend in the Middle East.... a connoisseur whose coffee expertise has captivated enthusiasts since 1960 when he opened the doors of his iconic Beirut roastery.... a pioneer whose family continues to offer the highest quality Lebanese coffee to the world. Mahmoud Maatouk's Private Blend, an exceptional coffee by an exceptional man.
  • Sleek black colored pack
  • Trendy 
  • Endorsed by the founder
  • Coffee for Elite
  • 100% Arabica
  • Expertise in Roasting

Maatouk Private Decaffeinated
Health-conscious coffee-lovers will appreciate our unique decaffeination technique. Using pure water, it preserves the distinctively rich aroma and taste of Maatouk coffee.
Maatouk -- A different standard of decaf.
  • 100% Natural Decaffeination Process
  • Maintained coffee characteristics
  • The only 100% naturally decaf in-house produced Lebanese coffee
  • Coffee for Health-Oriented

Maatouk Gourmet
Old Beirut, where cultures blend. Once called the Paris of the Middle East, Old Beirut lives in the hearts of those enticed by its sophistication and style. This vibrant, resilient city was the birthplace of  the first Maatouk roastery, opened in 1960. Maatouk 1960 Gourmet Blend pays homage to this inimitable city, a tribute to its soulful mix of tradition and modernity.
  • Heritage in the pack and the blend
  • 100% Arabica
  • Expertise in Roasting

Best Café
A unique Brazilian mix packed in an appealing velvety pack announcing a new trend in Lebanese coffee.
  • Fresh and young
  • Smart and Tasty
  • 100 % Brazilian Beans