Maatouk presence in the Bekaa region - 04/07/2014
Maatouk Factories is proud to cater all kind of events all over Lebanon. Maatouk participated in the summer of 2014 in two events in Zahle.

The Usek Marketing Forum at USEK Campus took place on Friday May 16th and Saturday May 17th. Maatouk had the chance to serve their coffee for Students and professionals that enjoyed, appreciated the taste of the coffee and also admired the rituals of preparation on the authentic coffee trolley.

On the other side of the beautiful city, Maatouk was chosen to be the welcome stand in Al Karme Festival, in the down town of Zahle at the garden of poets from July 4th till July 6th. Maatouk’s promoter were greeting people with their eye-catching trolley and serving the tasty coffee.

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