Maatouk - Carrefour Back to School Activity  - 05/09/2013
Maatouk is one of the leading coffee brands known for offering premium quality coffee blends made of 100% Arabica beans selected from fine origins catering to the Lebanese and international markets.

Knowing the massive demand for Maatouk products at the newly opened Carrefour in Beirut City Center, Maatouk and in its pursuit to thank the consumers, ran as a gesture a two week long promotion from August 22nd till September 4th , giving away a 32” Samsung LED TV daily. With every purchase of any of the finest quality Maatouk products, participants were given a unique coupon, allowing them to enter the daily draw to win 1 of the 14 LEDs.

By September 4th, the winners were announced: Nour Mohamad Said Mikati, Marie Saad, Faysal Chamas, Ziad Haddad, Youssef Hilal, Hala Hashimiya, Etidal Saleh, Ikhlas el Hussein, Ali El Ajouz, Haidar Zaaiter, Mirvat Diab, Jihad Naccash, and Samir Abou Zaki. They all went back home to enjoy a delicious cup of coffee in front of their grand prize: the Samsung LED. Maatouk promises much more activities in the near future. Until then, indulge yourself with the coffee. Congratulations to the winners!

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