Maatouk’s Marketing Excellence Case - Marketing Management textbook - 29/04/2013

Maatouk is proud to be featured in the Arab World edition of Marketing Management, a textbook written by Philip Kotler, Kevin Lane Keller, Salah Hassan, Imad Baalbaki and Hamed Shamma and which will be taught in business departments of universities across the entire Middle East and North Africa.

The textbook was developed to address specific issues and concerns of business in the Arab world. It focuses on local and regional businesses to which Arab students can more directly relate and identify with. In Chapter 4 of the book that covers Marketing Research, Maatouk is presented as a Marketing Excellence case. The section discusses the brand’s successful overhaul and highlights the importance of market research in the development of new effective production, distribution and communication strategies.

With its new packaging, pricing, and positioning, Maatouk has managed to rejuvenate a 50-year old business and impose itself again on the competitive coffee market. The brand whose name is synonymous with Premium-quality coffee has proved that it is a mature company, accepting the challenge to re-evaluate itself. With solid new marketing, and distribution strategies, the result has undoubtedly been a case of marketing excellence, reflected in the steady growth and expansion of this proudly Lebanese brand.

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