Beirut Cooking Festival - Le Pavillon Royal - Biel - 17/11/2011
For the first time, the Beirut Cooking Festival gathered all F & B lovers in Le Pavillon Royal - Biel on the 17th, 18th and 19th of November 2011. The visitors enjoyed irresistible cuisines and fantastic tastes of top brands and beverages.

Maatouk attracted the crowd to its booth where the ritual of Lebanese coffee making was passionately celebrated. The coffee grounds, the aroma, the copper and wooden set up all conveyed the warmth of Lebanese tradition and heritage . During the Beverage  Master Class, Mr. Jawad Maatouk took the audience on a virtual tour to the world of coffee introducing beans from exquisite origins around the globe, mainly from Ethiopia where the first coffee plant was discovered . The audience had the chance to experience how those different origins make up an outstanding cup of coffee with flavors and aroma that stimulate the senses.


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