Maatouk launches a new line of coffee products and reveals an uplifted brand image - 17/01/2011
The veterans of Lebanese coffee, Maatouk Factories S.A.L, are launching a new line of exquisite coffee blends adding a modern twist to the traditional Lebanese coffee that Maatouk has long been renowned for.
For this occasion Maatouk organized on October 25th, 2010 in Holiday Inn-Dunes, Beirut, an introductory presentation event for the sales team at NBC (National Beverage Company) headed by their General Manager, Mr. Fadi Saad El Din in addition to the Sales Manager, Mr. Kamil Shamma and the media.

The event started off with a speech held by Mr. Jawad Maatouk, owner of Maatouk Factories, followed by another speech by Mr. Abed El Halim Jarakji, General Manager of Maatouk Factories. Mr. Jarakji highlighted “the heritage Maatouk represents in the coffee industry and the inherited know-how when it comes to dealing with the coffee bean”. He also added that “success is a journey maintained by commitment, passion and perseverance.” Mr. Jarakji ended his speech by thanking the marketing department, sales team, accounting department and the management for initiating the success story.

During the presentation by Mrs. Yusra Maatouk, the company’s Marketing Manager, the audience learned more about the latest array of Maatouk products and the uplifted brand image. From the “Private Blend” to the “Gourmet” and “Best café”, she added that Maatouk has been very selective in picking premium quality coffee beans from highly trusted and distinguished origins to offer to its diverse clientele a bouquet of fine tastes and aromas to choose from; all at a very competitive price.

The unique flavors of “Private Blend”, “Gourmet Blend” and “Best café” were all wrapped up in new appealing packages while a full-fledged communication campaign is set to hit the market on November 24th, 2010.


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